Have you been wanting to get new clothes, made with quality vegan materials and a variety of styles, but you’re not sure where to look? I’ve got you!


I always love supporting my friends and their businesses! This little feature is on my dear friend Amanda and her amazing Lularoe business! I’m not sure about you, but when I first thought of Lularoe, I thought crazy patterns and things I couldn’t wear. Then I found Amanda!! 

The great thing that I LOVE about Amanda’s shop is that she has a HUGE variety of items to choose from. She not only has the fun patterns, but she also has the simple and gorgeous hues. Amanda completely turned my mind around about Lularoe, plus, she is just the greatest and sweetest human!

Some of my favorite pieces are…. 


I also love that all of the clothing is vegan! 

If you’ve always wondered or been interested in checking out Lularoe, but you weren’t sure how it worked, please reach out to Amanda for any and all questions. Also, check out the amazing pictures below of all of her wonderful merchandise!! 


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