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Guided Grounding Meditation LIVE on Live Happy On Purpose with Coach Katie Bielefeld

I am so honored that I was featured on Katie Bielefeld’s Therapeutic Thursday for her amazing company Live Happy On Purpose!! If you have not visited her page or checked her out, go… NOW!
In this Live I walk you through a Guided Grounding Meditation, Mind Clearing and Body Scan!
I met gorgeous Katie in our amazing group of elite health coaches. I hope this helps you feel a bit more grounded and brings you clarity in the chaos of Covid-19.


Press + Media

Erin is no stranger to the world of entertainment. She worked in the entertainment industry for about 15 years! If you are interested in having Erin on your show, podcast or in your publication, please message us below.


Seen On Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Lunch Break Live

COMING SOON! Join me for lunch on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s amazing
vegan cooking show called Lunch Break Live! I will be sharing my recipe for my protein packed,
greens infused vegan and gluten-free waffles! They are perfect for that
breakfast you’ve been planning for the entire family!


Looking for Clarity?

My Confusion to Clarity program helps Mama’s feel BETTER, LOSE weight, sleep MORE, INCREASE energy, REDUCE stress, BREAKTHROUGH brain fog and the feeling of OVERWHELM + REDISCOVER themselves. I also assist with more Plant Based recipes, meal prepping and products.
In my Confusion to Clarity program I work with you one-on-one to bring you back to YOU by providing you with the tools to balance your life, take sustainable actions steps and make simple modifications that bring you closer to YOUR personal goals.
My goal is for my Mama’s to leave this experience THRIVING and FLOURISHING!