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Favorite Dry Skin Routine




Favorite Dry Skin Routine

 20 February 2020



Not taking enough time for self care?

I get it, Mama! Often times, we are last on our list of things to do. It’s much easier to keep ignoring ourselves and writing us off… because no one will notice, right?! WRONG. Eventually it catches up to us.

I’m not sure about you, but during the winter months and in cold weather, my skin needs extra TLC, because it gets very dry. Especially while breastfeeding. If this is you, I have the perfect and simple solution to that dry and neglected skin.


I tend to switch up my routine depending on the weather or how my skin is acting, but I notice the biggest difference when I use our RE9 Extra Moisture kit! I also love our miracle genius resurfacing pads! They are incredible for evening out the surface of your skin and defying age. My last little Mama tip of the day is to put your gel eye masks in the fridge, so they cool, then place them under your eyes. They help to reduce puffiness, tired appearance (aka those hard earned hours of lost sleep) and they also soothe. It’s like going to the spa… without having to pack up your little one, find a sitter and drive to the spa. Are you with me, Mama?

Let me hook you up!

If you are interested in learning more, message me on my website here or shop my page: http://www.erindunphy.arbonne.com

Us Mama’s gotta stick together!



Wishing you so much happiness, health and self-love,

                                                               Erin XO