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Dentistry Kit

Living Libations is an amazing company, one that I love dearly. I got the privilege of trying out their self-dentistry kit and it was really educational and awesome! Nadine, owner of Living Libations, has even written a detailed book on self-dentistry called Holistic Dental Care, The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums. It is very thorough and enlightening. I feel she addresses any question you might have.

The kit comes with floss, which was the only thing I replaced, because it wasn’t vegan (but that’s just me). It also comes with a Vita-pik and oral irrigators to get into the hard to reach pockets of your mouth. My kit also included an ionic toothbrush, Yogi Tooth Serum (which broke and got replaced Tooth Truth Powder Polish (Amazing! It leaves your teeth feeling soft and smooth) and Neem Enamelizer. All  of the products are placed delicately into an adorable and colorful Living Libations bag!!

I know I have mentioned that I love their descriptions and packaging before, but that is the truth! I love that everything is in glass (even if one of my bottles did get broken when it was knocked off the counter). I also love that time and effort was put into clever writings for each of the products. They also break down the eight steps you need to have a successful self-dentistry routine. The products last a long time, because a little goes a long way, which I also love!

The oils are wonderful and I feel they really helped my sensitive gums. I also like the paste because it leaves your teeth feeling so smooth! I say the kit is educational, because you really learn a lot about what goes into having a healthy mouth. Yes, my regular routine went from maybe 5 minutes to 20, but keeping your mouth healthy is so important! The oils taste like pure oils… it may be new to some who try this because it is what it says it is. Nothing is added to change the taste, but it really works and feels great.

I would recommend this kit to anyone! It is safe, natural, effective and awesome!!!