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Eat With Heart

Eating with heart is something that takes you on a different journey with food and gives you a different approach to how you see your food. You are looking at all aspects of it, not just how you cook it, but what went into that food and the energy it carries. I find eating compassionately helps you to step back and see the big picture.

Make Every Bite Count


7 Day Vegan Made Simple

My 7 Day Vegan Made Simple has so much to offer, including: recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, a food diary and me! What are you most looking forward to?

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Clean Eating

Remember! A diet free of meat can still be unhealthy. It is all about eating clean and balanced meals.



Movement in the body is key! Even walking 30 minutes a day will help to raise your heart rate and get that blood flowing!



Mindset plays such a huge role in our daily lives. From happiness levels to what we eat and how we feel. Taking time to meditate, journal or just find quiet time can make a world of difference.

"Erin is such an amazing woman, the women or the parents following her are in for some really great advice, wisdom and great gifts she has to offer. "

Sara Eaglewoman

“Erin is amazing and I would highly recommend her services to any mama! She’s got the biggest heart and you will feel her support immediately. “

Heather Munnelly

“If you haven’t spoken to my dear friend Erin yet, you really need to! Not only is she the kindest soul, she honestly knows her stuff. After talking to her about an issue I have been having dietarily, she offered some amazing advice and suggestion and guess what!? Those issues are becoming a thing of the past. Not only has my stomach calmed down, I’ve been able to lose weight and tons of inches (10lbs to be exact) and I feel soooo much better! This girl is worth her weight in gold and then some. You won’t regret trusting her with anything and everything. She’s really THAT good! Game changer for sure!”

Amanda Ruh

Organic Soap

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